Crack Pie

Like the cheeky name suggests, this pie is highly highly addictive. Like gone in one day addictive. Like gotta have seconds and maybeee sneak a tiiiny slice later in the afternoon addictive. I’ve been a huge fan of Milk Bar for over 5 years and while you can either a) visit one of their locations in NYC or Vegas (and soon to be LA!) or b) pay a lot of money to have their goods delivered to your doorstep, I chose to roll up my sleeves and attempt this gooey goodness. Be warned: it is labor intensive but not overly difficult. This is not something you can just whip up at the last minute so be sure to set aside ample time. Without further ado…

Part 1 is to make the “oat cookie” which will be crumbled up, mixed with butter then baked into a crispy pie crust. YUM!

I may have been missing some of my cookie crust mixture due to snacking. Note to self: do not attempt while hungry.

The filling is basically a lot of egg yolks so you KNOW it’s going to be rich, rich, rich. Life hack: You can also justify making this pie as a way to use up leftover eggs. Once the filling is prepared, pour into the cookie crust and bake. After its baked, let it sit for 2 hours. Then into the fridge it goes to set overnight. And yes you will totally have dreams about tasting this pie alllll night. You will be tempted to “test taste” at 2 am. Resist temptation in hopes of obtaining an “IG worthy” photo.

  Voila! With a sprinkling of powdered sugar, the pie is complete and ready to be enjoyed by all! …or by just yourself. No judgment. Serve on pretty plates from Anthropologie and you’re good to go!

I have the cook (baking?) book but anyone can use this recipe here.



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