Oh Hey 2018

Hey everyone, it’s been a minute (or technically a year) but I’m back—at least for now! Most of you know I stopped blogging when I was pregnant. I was super sick and exhausted. And basically my style was the same outfit. Over. And. Over. And pajamas.

Well, now I’m back in my jeans and shoes (seriously, had a mini scare that they’d never fit again!) so it felt like a good time to dip a toe into my old blogging life. Well that and I finally made a hair appointment in the upcoming weeks.

I am so touched by all the people who reached out to me and encouraged me to start posting again (I know I’ve been promising you guys “soon” since last year). A huge shout out to my fellow blogger @jazzyhwang who’s been on my case when I was finallyyy going to post again. And who threatened to not hangout with me until I posted this week.

And of course most importantly, there’s the support of my squad, aka my family. I’m so lucky to have “my people” backing me in my ventures, blogging or otherwise.

So here’s the deal, I’ve been procrastinating a post for a few reasons.

1. Time. I just had a baby and though I wasn’t sure if I’d be a stay at home mom, right now I’m balancing my day job with mom life and nothing is a priority for me over parenting and spending time with my sweet baby. So my posting may not be as frequent as it was in the past. 

2. The algorithm. I’ve seen so many posts about it (how many times has it changed now????) and was hesitant to jump back in to blogging with any expectations because so many people are frustrated with putting in soooo much effort, to get nothing in return, or worse, less followers. So why would I want to blog only to get lost in the IG shuffle? Right??? Well, but then I reminded myself I need to blog for me because I want to, not because of some silly number of followers. 

3. Falling into the advertising trap. I’ve been so tempted to fall into it as offers of sponsorship came in. It seems every blogger is hawking something either sponsored or with an affiliate link. I get that blogging is a business but it’s hard to know who to trust when money is involved. I’m sick of bloggers posting sponsored outfits from fast fashion retailers when they really only wear high end 99.9% of the time and have “sold out”. I’ve accepted sponsorships and have worked with brands that have felt “me” and will continue to do so but also will provide content because I want to, not with expectation that I’ll make money off of it.  So again, I need to remind myself that I want to blog because I love blogging. 

Stay tuned to see what’s next but expect more fashion and lifestyle stuff in the future.

Oh and also there’s a new section to the blog: Petite Pope (where you’ll get to see more on this little-but-not-so-little cutie in the future)!


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