Fave Coffee Table Finds

As usual this weekend flew by and again, as usual, I only accomplished 1/1000 of what I set out to do. It wasn’t a total loss though since I did have such a fun time meeting up with friends for coffee both days of the weekend, shooting some new looks, and exploring L.A.’s Arts District. And I squeezed in a longggg nap on Sunday morning which I more than needed.

Not going to lie, it took us over a year before purchasing this coffee table (on sale!) but it was worth the wait. I love the marble detailing and there’s tons of storage, both displayed and hidden (perfect for hiding loose odds and ends). Plus, it’s a chic way to show off our eclectic collection of coffee table books that we rotate through and our guests love flipping through them. Lately (as you can see), mine have been on full display and 90% of my books are crafts/cooking related while my husband’s are all about design and architecture. We don’t pick books that just “look impressive” but rather, have actual meaning and relation to our interests. I never understood why some people buy huge books costing hundreds of dollars just for show. In fact, I got this book for Christmas and it’s been such a source of inspiration for me for both my real life and my blogging one.

Oh, and we always have at least one candle on display, usually lit. Our candle collection is HUGE and is one of my favorite “treat yo self” splurges. My current obsession is “teakwood and tobacco” by P.F. Candle Co. which is a tad pricey but OH SO GOOD. I love lighting it when I’m relaxing on the weekend, in my pjs, and can fully enjoy it. For a typical weeknight, any candle from Anthropologie (we keep adding these to our collection—it’s an addiction) will do the trick of adding cozy vibes and sweet smells.

For a peek at some more of my faves and finds, I made a list below featuring some additions that would add some pretty to your table.


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