5 Healthy Habits for 2017

2017 is right around the corner which means a fresh start, or at least gives us an excuse to act like it is. It’s a time that we forget how horrible it tastes to choose a salad over a juicy burger and fries and we forget that we have no desire or energy to go to the gym after working an 8+ hour day, while also trying to forget that at one time those jeans were less tight a few months ago. In an effort to keep me motivated, I put together a list of healthy habits I’d like to keep (or at least attempt) throughout 2017. Nothing is too major—I kept it much more realistic than a never ending juice cleanse (sounds so fun and easy until you’re on hour 3 and hungry!) or promising that I’d go to the gym every single day (LOLs).

Choose avocado toast over fried chicken and waffles. It may not taste as delicious as deep fried goodness, but it’s still pretty good for brunch. Also, maybe order a side salad instead of fries for that weekly burger but that might be asking too much of myself.

Do something athletic-y that’s fun twice a week. I recently joined a gym and while running blinding on a treadmill puts me to sleep, I make good use of the yoga and Zumba classes. This way I’m not alone in my workout and I’ll feel like a huge loser if I try to sneak out of the class before the 60-70 year olds. I always want to quit halfway through Zumba but once it gets to the end of class, I feel like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and am proud of myself for not collapsing on the gym floor.

Remember to breathe every once in a while and that nothing really matters as much as I think it does. This one’s geared toward my mental health since I have a tendency to over stress and over analyze when it comes to things like my job and tend to get a little fanatical about spending way too many minutes deciding where a comma should go.

Go outside. I’m not even going to add “more” to that sentence since I barely get outside for the sake of just being outside at all (other than commuting to work, taking blog photos, or running errands). Whether a hiking or beach trip, it’s something easily worth making time for.

Create more. I LOVE my kitchen. It’s not the biggest but it more than gets the job done and is one of my favorite rooms in the house. While basically every other room needs to be decorated (which is something I will work on in 2017), our kitchen is well furnished with ample baking and cooking supplies which got a lot of use this year. I’ve made brownies, cakes, lemon bars as well as savory meals like casseroles and soups. There’s nothing quite so satisfying as making something delicious. However, I do miss creating—whether sewing or doing shibori on fabric, I love to see the finished product. I’d love to do more crafting this year and blog about it.




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