24(ish) Hours in Santa Cruz

Where did the time go?!?! It’s already a new week and the 4 day weekend flew by. This Thanksgiving was a bit different for me since we (me, my husband and our friends) decided to “skip” Thanksgiving tradition and make a new tradition (perhaps temporary/perhaps permanent?) by heading out of town. We drove up to Santa Cruz, stopping at Big Sur along the way. It’s the perfect weekend getaway from LA, and while there’s not much city life, there was a ton of exploring to be done in our short timeframe. We spent some time both at the beach and the forest and took so many dreamy photos—as you can see for yourself below, along with more details about our quick weekend trip! 🙂

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We drove up the coast on Thursday morning to pick up our “pleb friends” (bloggers of betheplebeian.com) and to get coffee (basically a prerequisite for any road trip). We made several stops on our way up (all in the name of photos) and didn’t arrive until about 7 p.m. We arrived tired and starving (much like me writing this post, which lo siento, in case you couldn’t tell, it’s being done in haste). Since it was Thanksgiving, there weren’t many places open or that were that highly rated on Yelp. Sadly, Santa Cruz is NOT known for its fine dining but they make up for it with all of its gorgeous scenery. We finally settled on a Thai restaurant, assuming the worst about the quality of food. When we walked through the door and much to our relief, the place was packed. It wasn’t a traditional meal by any means, just us friends with our curries and noodles instead of turkey and family present, but it was a fun and memorable one.

We spent Friday outside, braving the crisp air and enjoying the nature. While I wish we could have stayed longer, we headed home first thing on Saturday, so that we’d have a full Sunday to mentally prepare for the upcoming work week.

Cafe Brasil: The acai bowls are seriously melt in your mouth amazing. They add apple juice for a sweet taste and the crunchy granola really balances it out. They also offer fresh smoothies and juices.
Betty’s Burgers: Since I’m a burger eater kind of girl (as in, like my main food group), my standards are super high. This place actually surprised me and I was blown away by the quality of the meat. It’s a bit pricey by Santa Cruz standards ($6 for a burger ONLY) but the quality is well worth it. And be sure to order the fries and onion ring combo basket as a side for the best of both flavors.
Sala Thai: Sure it’s not the best Thai I’ve ever eaten (okay, I’m super picky about my Thai food as well), but it’s definitely not the worst either and it sure hit the spot when we were starving. Overall, the dishes are satisfying and they even serve Pho.
Verve Coffee: There’s one in LA but that didn’t stop me from swinging by this cool coffee spot. 2 coffees can set you back $10 but they’re super high quality. I opted for a mocha—slightly sweet and extra chocolatey to help me warm up in the morning.

Redwood Forest: One of the most beautiful places in California, this nature area was truly breathtaking. Although I love Los Angeles, I do wish there was more nature and less smog. I completely forgot we were still in California while walking through the trees.
Beach: There’s an actual lighthouse on the beach—making it a cool spot to visit and take photos. Though the water was too cold to go in, it was fun to walk along the water’s edge.


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