Travel Guide: Joshua Tree

Last week, I met up with my good friends Brandon and Jasmine (of and we set off for an adventure to explore Joshua Tree, taking thousands of photos along the way in typical blogger fashion (got to show off a few new styles c/o my collab with Fossil!). Joshua Tree is a hip desert locale for those seeking a brief retreat from city life (or is a great place to hangout in between sets at Coachella). It’s more of a place to relax and recharge than anything else but considering my hectic previous weeks, it was just what I needed.

Here’s a backstage pass to what went on in our mini getaway to Joshua Tree (scroll down for a mini guide on what to stay/eat/do).

The Joshua Tree House
This place is decorated to is every blogger and hipster’s dream. The dreamy space sleeps 6 and at only $200/night, is a total steal. It’s been used in photo shoots for hot brands and chances are you’ve seen it on your favorite blogger’s IG. Be sure to make your reservation in advance, this place books fast!

Cabin Cabin Cabin
This aptly named bohemian retreat is equally worthy of your IG feed. The cabin is filled with rustic charm and decor—including weavings, a peacock throne chair, and natural wood elements. There’s even an outdoor secluded tub for you to soak away the stress of city life and get into the desert groove (and enjoying a glass of wine while overlooking the magical landscape doesn’t hurt either).

Joshua Tree Saloon
This old school eatery is a go-to for locals and those passing through. For those seeking a jump start on day drinking, the saloon offers an early bird happy hour (until 10 a.m.) with a full bar, including cocktails and beer. Stop by for breakfast to fill up on calorie-ladden options like the fried chicken and biscuit sandwich that comes with a vat of creamy gravy that will shut your arteries down (but in a totally worth it kind of way). The diner’s menu is pretty simple—no bells or whistles—but what they make, they do it right and you’ll walk away satisfied and a few pounds heavier.

Crossroads Cafe
Open from breakfast through dinner, Crossroads offers plenty of healthy (and not so healthy!) options for anyone—even those with dietary restrictions. The hearty breakfast specials will tide you over for hours and their refreshing all-natural smoothies will provide you with ample energy for exploring the Joshua Tree National Park. Lunch and dinner options include salads, burgers (with both vegan and vegetarian options), quesadillas (again, offering a vegan option), and tacos. Bonus: they have a pretty nice libation list including wine, champagne cocktails, and beer.

Pappy and Harriet’s
This popular place’s slogan says it all, “If you’re in a rush, you’re in the wrong place!” Prepare to wait (there’s only one grill in the kitchen) but despite the lengthy wait time, this place is a solid hangout for locals because the food could be the best in town. Get the pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and BBQ sauce—and dare I say it’s on par with some of Texas’s finest, because it just might be. Even if you’re not able to snag a table before the kitchen closes, stay for the music. There’s been some pretty big name performers in the venue, including indie band Real Estate. Basically, if you like good food, cool music, and entertaining characters (who you’ll meet throughout the night), you need to come here.

Cactus Mart
Succulents and cacti are the new “it plants” and at only 59 cents (!!!!) to take home, you can certainly afford to add to (or start) your collection. I personally have a black thumb so I chose to pass for the sake of karma but my friend, Jasmine, picked out a few new green friends for her apartment.

Joshua Tree National Park
As much as I love the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, sometimes a girl’s just got to take a break from the fast-paced lifestyle. We had a small “crisis” when our internet was lost due to a dust storm and actually had to put a pause on the social media (the horror!). But on the bright side, it gave our group a chance to unplug while enjoying the scenery and each other’s company. We spent the afternoon and evening in the park, climbing on the rocks and exploring the near endless surroundings. The park is especially breathtaking during golden hour at sunset. The images we captured were truly captivating and practically worth the trip by themselves.



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