Wi Spa in K-Town

The magazine’s Feb-March theme is “Love, Beauty, Money” and this upcoming issue is loaded with goodies. From interviewing candy conglomerate Sugarfina’s owner, Rosie O’Neil, to getting my “chi” on in feng shui, it’s been one of my favorite issues so far. My latest assignment was to visit Wi Spa in Los Angeles, a Korean spa open 24 hours a day. For a small fee of $25, you have access to a variety of spas and saunas (and free wifi!) for 24 hours. 

In a nutshell, though the “stylish” safari-style uniform was unfortunately mandatory, I really enjoyed lounging around the different saunas — each one with their own set of health benefits. My favorites were the 100+ degree pore-cleansing Salt Sauna and the detoxing Clay Sauna. The key is to spend about 20 minutes in each heated sauna (clay, jade, salt and sweltering “Bulgama”) then finish in the pore-tightening Ice Sauna. The 40 degree Ice Sauna is said to help with blood circulation and the refreshing coolness definitely left me feeling energized. 


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